20 Items To Keep in Your Truck

BY Alie McArdle
5 years ago


Being well prepared in a less-than-ideal situation, or even just for daily life on the road, is going to help you approach the job with peace of mind. There is going to come a time when you’re on the road where you will need specific items to assist in getting out of it. Here is a good list of tools and items that are recommended to keep on hand in the event of necessity or an emergency. 

1. A few gallons of Water

Having multiple gallons of water will provide an immediate solution for cooling down a radiator, having access to filtered water for hydration and if came to it – hygienic purposes. 

2. Good work gloves

You should keep a couple different pairs for different conditions. For instance, a pair for refueling, a pair for wintry conditions, and a pair of cloth gloves with grippy palms. 

3. Flashlight

Self explanatory.

4. Cable Ties

Try to get a variety of sizes. These can come in handy if you need to secure a wire or something else.

5. Hammer

You can thump your tires when they’re hot to listen for for a “pingy” sound when they are full, it will sound dull if they are not. Use a tire gauge when the tires are cold for an accurate reading.

6. Hatchet or Winch Straps

If your flatbed does not have tie down straps, or they are damaged, having these on deck will give you a way to secure your goods. Ensure you use the correct amount of straps to handle the load size you’re carrying.

7. Pocket Knife

One reddit user, /u/JimMarch, on r/truckers suggests this: “My solution personally is to open carry a fixed blade knife of just under 4 inches, and one with a gut hook on the back that I can pass off as a seatbelt cutter if I’m ever asked “why are you carrying that thing?”. (The same logic works just fine on bosses, shippers, receivers etc.)” What I have now is a generic version of something like this Gerber Moment, which is the knife I’m going to get next to replace what I’ve got because I’m not happy with the steel quality of what I have:


*Make sure to keep blade length under 4 inches, in some states it is considered a felony to carry over that length

8. Rags

Rags are good for quick clean up in the truck.

9. Advil/Tylenol/Ibuprofen

Headache? Backache? You’re well-equipped if you stock this in your truck.

10. Duct Tape

There are endless ways to use duct tape. If you need a quick fix? Duct Tape!

11. Space Blanket

Space blankets will be a lifesaver if you break down in the colder months and need to sleep in your rig without heat. They hold in 80-90% of your body heat, are pretty light weight and don’t take up too much space. These from Amazon should do the trick:

12. Sunglasses

Squinting when driving is not fun – not to mention it makes your face wrinkle quicker. Sunglasses will protect your eyes during those sunny days. (And if you’re not in the mood to talk to someone at a truck stop – just throw on your sunnies and BAM! Incognito “don’t talk to me mode!”)

13. Reflective Triangles

Good for when you need to pull off onto the shoulder to check your tires or if you break down. Gives other drivers on the road a heads up to watch out and move over. 

14. Multitool

You just never know what you might need. A standard multi tool includes pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, scissors. There are other features that can also be included.

15. Headlamp

Keeps your hands free if you need to look under the hood.

16. Bungee Cords

These are good for absorbing shock on a flatbed.

17. Engine Oil

Just in case.

18. Toilet Paper & Baby Wipes

Having your own stock of your favorite toilet paper is good in situations where the restrooms are out of stock or provide the awful 1-ply. Baby wipes are good for not only the toilet but wiping off items that get dirty.

19. Shower Shoes

Shower shoes will protect your feet from any bacteria that may be left on a shower floor. 

20. Extra Towel

Keeping an extra towel or two on hand to bring into the shower with you ensures cleanliness. 

Perhaps you have some of these items in your truck, or maybe we’ve prompted you to look into picking some of them up. Have we missed any? Let us know! Have any stories where these items have gotten you out of sticky situations?