December 30, 2019

GATS & MATS Rewind

This year the Mid-America Trucking Show hosted over 72,000 attendees with a mi

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December 19, 2019

How to Stay Safe in Inclement Weather

Remember early this year with the 47 car pile up in Missouri? Yet another trucking company has filed for bankruptcy leaving thousands unempl

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December 3, 2019

Guide to 2290 Forms

Being well prepared in a less-than-ideal situation, or even just for daily lif

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November 1, 2019

CB Radios are The Best Way To Communicate on The Road

Hello? Anyone out there? Can you hear me? What’s your 20? It’s been said over and over again - trucking is a lifestyle. The long hours

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October 30, 2019

Need to Park after Dark? New Solution Arises in the Midwest

It’s no secret that truckers face a dilemma in trying to find parking toward

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