In it For the Long-Haul: 5 Podcasts to Pass the Time for Truckers

BY Alie McArdle
3 years ago


It’s been said over and over again – trucking is a lifestyle. The long hours on the road day or night. The beauty of a sunrise on a quiet open road…the warm feeling inside when you look to your left and a kid excitedly does the “arm pump” and you blow the horn. In the miles between pick up and drop off oftentimes there is comfort in the solitude, other times it can feel like the journey will never end. There is, however, solutions for those times you want to hear another voice or learn something new while driving. That is why I compiled a list of podcasts for truckers by truckers. Each of them included differ from the other based off of personality and topics. I decided to listen to a few and give an overview to help you find the voice (or voices) that provide you with entertainment while in it for the long haul.

1. Truck Drivers 101

This podcast is hosted by Big Ken. He has been in the trucking industry for over 11 years. His podcasts are usually under one hour and typically include content from different happenings in the news related to trucking and talks about them with comedy. He has a blunt, straight to the point way of putting things. Some explicit language included. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys big personality.

2. Trucker Nation USA

Hosted by a group of friends this podcast combines stories of general trucking day to day, random commentary and a lot of jokes – both inside and on the fly. If you like joking around and listening to a group joke on eachother this one is a must to listen to. It might take some time to “get to the point” but these truckers are in the field day to day and continue to reflect on it with each other through this podcast. Includes a lot of explicit content and misplaced “that’s what she said jokes,” but all in all pretty entertaining.

3. Trucker Dump

A little more organized and “clean,” this podcast is usually around one hour. The personality of Todd Mccann is mostly calm and collected as he runs through his chosen topic with some light humor and insight from experiences. Overall filled with information, if you like your podcasts organized and well-thought out – this one’s for you.

4. Driving While Female

This podcast is brand new, only a few episodes in, however I felt it was important to include because female voices via podcasts in the trucking industry are difficult to come across. Emily Pierce offers her take on driving and gives tips on trucking. I think this will be an interesting podcast to follow as she navigates what she wants to say and her experiences with trucking. Stay tuned, everyone starts somewhere!

5. The Lead Pedal Podcast

This podcast holds a lot of valuable information for truckers. It varies from how to run your owner-operator truck, how to interact with brokers and much more. It features interviews from various truckers and digs deeper into positive ways to improve the profession. The episodes are vastly different and offer unique perspectives. This podcast is for those who are curious as to how to do certain things.

I hope you find these podcasts entertaining while passing the time. Is there a podcast you think deserves to be recognized? Let me know on this forum