Need to Park after Dark? New Solution Arises in the Midwest

BY Alie McArdle
4 years ago


It’s no secret that truckers face a dilemma in trying to find parking toward the end of their shifts. With an overflow of trucks and only a limited amount of spaces, many times it can take up to (and sometimes even over) an hour to find parking. At this point, many settle for exit ramps, interstate shoulders and empty lots which may be susceptible to burglary. The American Transportation Research Institute analyzed the problem with the help of over 8,000 truck drivers, 75% of which had difficulty finding parking on the regular. This contributed to a cutting of driver productivity and lost revenue time. You can view the report here

In an effort to reduce these statistics, a new system called “trucks park here” has been constructed throughout the states of Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is designed specifically to ease truckers minds about planning their shift end. 2019 will bring some relief along the route of major freight corridors.

Electronic signs that are updated in real-time along the highway reveal how many parking spots are available at upcoming truck stops. There is also a corresponding app that allows truckers to view availability and communicate with each other about the status of parking in other areas. In the coming months it will be interesting to view the results of these implementations – and will a similar system come into play in other areas of America?