How to Stay Safe in Inclement Weather

BY Alie McArdle
5 years ago


Remember early this year with the 47 car pile up in Missouri?

Yesterday, another 30 car pile up in New Jersey caused significant losses for many people. Including 20 tractor trailer drivers.

Inclement weather can and will impact driving for any level of experience. Keep reading to get some tips on how to remain safe while driving conditions keep changing:

  1. Run a pre-trip inspection. This includes checking the engine compartment for leaks, the fuel tank, and battery area. Check your lights, tire tread, and clear your exhaust pipe if its needed. 
  2. Go easy on your brakes. Lightly brake and accelerate, as pressing heavy on the pedals could cause you to slide. 
  3. Go slower than normal, the last thing you want to do is jackknife. 
  4. Increase stopping distance. We all know it takes a few hundred feet to stop in the best weather conditions. Stay back a bit more than usual from other cars.
  5. Remember that bridges are icier than the roads. Take extra precaution while moving over them. 
  6. Have an emergency kit ready. Make sure to pack flares, first aid kit, space blanket, a flashlight with backup batteries, ice scraper, energy bars, water, and tool kit.
  7. Make sure your headlights are clean. Nothing is worse than having even less of a clear visual due to dirty lights.
  8. In low visibility, get off the road and wait it out if you can. No freight is worth your life.
  9. Turn slower than normal to maintain complete control over your rig.

Do you have any other tips and tricks? Let us know in the forum!